£10 London specials

National History Museum - London £10 Special

Every so often we’ll schedule a trip to London for only £10 per person. No catches, just jump on board and enjoy a day out in London for the special price of £10.

The latest £10 trip to London was scheduled during half term and it focused on the London Museums. Our travel apprentice Ashley and her five year old, Tyler, joined the tour at the Red Lion Square pick up in Hythe and shared their experience of the day with us all. 

Question: What attracted you to book this trip? 

I wanted to enjoy a nice day out with Tyler and the £10 special meant that we could spend the day in London without spending a lot of money. Tyler loves dinosaurs so this trip seemed to be the best option for a day out. The coach dropped us all off outside the Victoria and Albert Museum so it was great being so close to the Natural  History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum of course.

Question: How was the coach ride up to London? 

When we got on the coach at 8.30 and it was nearly full. The seats were really comfortable and there was a lot of space for a coach. Tyler likes drawing so as soon as he got on he took full advantage of the table in front of his seat to spread out his coloring book and pencils. And Adrian, the driver, he was great! He made jokes with all the kids and made it interactive to keep the children entertained.

Crosskeys Coaches - London £10 Special - Adrian








Question: Did you get enough time to visit everything you wanted to see?

Yes, we made it to London in no time and had over five hours free time to explore the surroundings. I think it was just enough time so it doesn’t become boring for the kids. As it was during half term, the queues at the museums were really long but I was surprised to see how quickly we went through.

Question: Did you find the experience to be good value for money?

Great value for money. Normally it would cost us two over £30 for a return journey to London so this offer was definitely something worth looking into. I think all parents should keep an eye out for the £10 offers as they are great value. Tyler’s face was priceless when he saw the dinosaurs and I also enjoyed seeing the Human Evolution exhibition so we both had a great day out.


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