Day out to see Aladdin with Crosskeys

Aladdin the Musical at Prince Edward Theatre in London

Aladdin the Musical at Prince Edward Theatre in London

Joy of joy for those of us who love the West End but hate the rib-poking crush of the Tube; did you know Crosskeys Coaches do theatre trips from South East Kent?  So myself and my partner decided to go up and see Aladdin with them.  We’re fairly regular visitors to the West End and direct coaches to London sounded like a great idea.

Aladdin the Musical at Prince Edward Theatre in London

Having a good day out to see Aladdin at Prince Edward Theatre in London with Crosskeys

The route runs from Deal, around the coast to Ashford, then a quick stop at the services for a comfort break and then right into the heart of London (we got on in Dover).  The coach was brand new and crazy comfortable; my body from the waist down usually takes a nap 90 minutes into any National Express trip but upon disembarking on Shaftesbury Avenue, which is just 2 minutes and 50 distractions away from the theatre, I felt fresh as a daisy.  The coach was fitted with seatbelts, lights and air conditioning too which is always nice.  The driver was very friendly and kept everyone informed on the way of the route, time, what to expect etc and even hand maps to hand out upon arrival so those less London-inclined would be able to find their way back.

We got there with 3 hours to spare so we were able to upset our bank managers shopping on Regent Street before having an amazing lunch at Patty and Bun just next door to the theatre (highly recommended).

“Magic, wonder, amazing music and a story to render the hardest of hearts into a gooey smushy mess.”

As for the show, well it’s a Disney musical.  You know how it goes.  Magic, wonder, amazing music and a story to render the hardest of hearts into a gooey, smushy mess.  All the songs from the film are in there, and the Genie (played by the absolutely incredible Trevor Dion Nicholas) is out at the very beginning.  His performance is so over the top and energetic you can’t help but immediately get drawn in to the show.  The sets are bright and colourful (especially the cave of treasures), and be prepared for pyrotechnics and streamers.  My personal favourite from the show was Kassim, Omar and Babkak’s number “High Adventure”.  It wasn’t in the film but it’s a brilliant piece of choreography.  The show is fantastic and genuinely does pitch its’ material in such a way that people of all ages can get enjoyment from it.

Our coach driver was, as he promised, ready and waiting for us on Shaftesbury Avenue to take us home again and everyone found their way back to the coach without incident.  Again, a lovely, peaceful relaxing journey home was just what was needed after the madness, hustle and bustle known as the West End.

In summary, I really enjoyed this day trip.  Going to London for the day can be an exhausting proposition when relying on most forms of public transport, since it’s a continual rush from station to tube, tube to venue and then back again, all while combatting the masses who are trying to accomplish similar. Thanks to Crosskeys it was without a doubt the easiest day trip to London I have ever had.  Just jump on the coach to a friendly smile, sit back and relax and get off exactly where you want to go. I highly recommend these day trips to anyone who wants to enjoy the brilliance of the West End without any of the hassle.

Many thanks to our guest blogger Adam Whatson for sharing his experience of the day!