Festive Christmas Day Trips!


With Christmas only 48 days away (yes really!), what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to take a festive Christmas day trip!


Every year we run trips to visit some of Europe’s famous Christmas Markets which always prove to be sell out tours – and this year is no different. So get in quickly and take those last few seats that are currently available!


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C is for ….. Camden Lock

Visit London’s Camden Lock for the day and experience the atmosphere and history as you stroll through the mix of stalls and shops enjoying the wide variety of goods that are on offer.


The Camden Lock you see today was once a timber yard where timber was unloaded from large river barges onto smaller narrow boats that plied the inland canals of Britain. With the growth of more efficient forms of transport, the canals began to decline, and the site closed in 1971 signalling the end of an era.


However, Camden Lock was soon re-opened by Northside Developments in 1973, as the original arts and crafts market. The early development revolved around the old wooden sheds and cobbled yards. As the first Market in Camden, it immediately stood out from London’s other markets for its eclectic mix, and soon attracted the entrepreneurs and artists that first generated the Camden Town ‘buzz’.


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B is for….Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park, the Historic site of secret code breaking activities during World War 2 and the birthplace of the modern computer.


The story behind Bletchley Park is truly incredible and so significant to British history that we can only touch on it here. If this little snippet gets your interest, why not join us on 28th June on our day trip to visit Bletchley Park.

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History of Crosskeys Coaches


Did you know Crosskeys Coaches was established 40 years ago! We’ve been looking into the History of Crosskeys Coaches and where it all began! Now owned by Alan Johnson, it was Alan’s father Keith, who started the company back in 1973 under the name Johnsons Mini Coaches. A few years later, they became Crosskeys Coaches after purchasing Crosskeys from the Tozer family. Today, alongside Alan, are his sister Debbie and brother-in-law Nigel. The family are proud of the fact that Crosskeys Coaches has always remained an independent, family run business.

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Afternoon Cite Europe

Over the next few months, we will endeavour to create an A-Z of places of interest that we visit by coach on our Day Trips. So to start with A, let us introduce…..


Afternoon Cité Europe


For all you shopping lovers out there, this is a day trip for you! We run afternoon coach trips to Cite Europe every month and they continue to prove popular. We offer one pick-up at 1pm from Brickfields restaurant in Cheriton, Folkestone, keeping travelling time to a minimum (You can park for free at Brickfields).


From Brickfields, we jump on the Eurotunnel for the short journey to Cite Europe.

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How to Enjoy a Rainy Day!

Well it’s mid May and it appears we’re still awaiting the arrival of summer! With mutterings amongst friends along the lines of  “must emigrate” and “winter sun”, it started us thinking of how to adapt our ways to embrace this lengthy winter!!


There’s always the more obvious ways of always wearing a jumper and owning a raincoat (did you know – in Galicia in Spain, people always carry an umbrella and shops and restaurants have umbrella stands as standard)! But how do you fill your days when the sun refuses to shine?

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