B is for….Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park, the Historic site of secret code breaking activities during World War 2 and the birthplace of the modern computer.


The story behind Bletchley Park is truly incredible and so significant to British history that we can only touch on it here. If this little snippet gets your interest, why not join us on 28th June on our day trip to visit Bletchley Park.

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History of Crosskeys Coaches


Did you know Crosskeys Coaches was established 40 years ago! We’ve been looking into the History of Crosskeys Coaches and where it all began! Now owned by Alan Johnson, it was Alan’s father Keith, who started the company back in 1973 under the name Johnsons Mini Coaches. A few years later, they became Crosskeys Coaches after purchasing Crosskeys from the Tozer family. Today, alongside Alan, are his sister Debbie and brother-in-law Nigel. The family are proud of the fact that Crosskeys Coaches has always remained an independent, family run business.

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